Info On Antique Furniture Valuations

If you want to make some money buying and selling antique furniture there is a fair amount you will need to know. To make a profit you certainly will need to be able to value accurately the furniture you are thinking of buying.

You need to gain as much knowledge as you possibly can especially about the specific area of antiquing your most interested in. This is a must, if you plan to make buying decisions that are both good and profitable. You will also want to know what you should be looking for in a vintage piece of furniture that makes it not only old and attractive but valuable.

First of all you need to have a good knowledge of the various kinds of furniture that are considered antiques. Along with that you’ll also need to know the general values that these kinds of furniture typically have. It is also great to know the name of the individuals or companies that were known to have crafted a lot of the furniture that was made about 100 years ago. The internet is a great source of information like this and you should be able to find a lot of this information there.

Beyond who made it there are many elements used to establish antique furniture values and each of them is important to be able to do it accurately.

So let’s look at the main factors which determine a piece of antique furniture’s value.

People talk about antique furniture in four primary categories : English, European, American, and Far Eastern. These categories can be broken down into many sub-categories.

There are also many additional factors which play a role in a piece of furniture’s value. One of the primary things is its condition and another is how old it is. Plus other things like the kind of wood used in making a piece of furniture or if it has all its original hardware and pieces and nothing has been altered. These certainly are important in determining value.

Another major factor is the historical background of a piece which plays an enormous part in its value. That is why it’s important to do some extra research about certain antiques you come across as this will assist you in discovering their historical background. You will also get to know more about the story behind the folks who originally owned them. Some antique sellers will in fact make up a story or infer that the furniture has some historical importance (like it used to be owned by somebody important or well-known) in order to try and sell it.

You really must have an ability to discern well while shopping for antiques because even if it looks old that does make it an antique. Beyond that, even if it really is old, if no one wants it; it really is worth very little. On the other hand, pieces that are less than 100 years old can be very collectible if there is a good demand for it and it could have a high value. A pieces value is often based on its demand which can be connected to it having a limited supply.

So, when you are trying to buy a piece of vintage furniture from someone, knowing these tips on how to determine its true value is crucial. It also is a factor in being able to get it for a fair price.

Remember, one of the major factors in determining value is condition.
Check each piece out completely.
Don’t buy on a whim; take some time to research the piece to make sure it is an authentic piece.
Make sure you get a second opinion.
Finally, enjoy yourself and buy only what you like. That way you will never get stuck with something you don’t like or want.